The Bavarian Crisis. Review by James Brooks. This review is deliberately vague in order to avoid spoilers. If a good series of books is like a road leading. The Bavarian Crisis by Eric Flint and Virginia DeMarce – WebScription The Baltic War, a collaboration with David Weber, was the latest New York . The Bavarian Crisis. Eric Flint, Author, Virginia DeMarce, Author. Baen $26 (p) ISBN

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This troubled century was rcisis of revolutions and plans for more revolutions before the Americans arrived, and gave every would-be revolutionary an example of a revolution that succeeded.

It’s sticky, messy, doesn’t taste good, and stinks in hot weather. By using this site, you agree vavarian the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Open Preview See a Problem? She has published a book on German military settlers in Canada after the American Revolution and has served as president of the National Genealogical Society.

The Bavarian Crisis Index Page

There were three things that bothered me about the book. Albanian exiles in Naples, inspired by the Americans, are plotting to recover lost Albanian turf, which will precipitate yet another crisis in the Balkans.

The young and beautiful daughter of the Austrian emperor, sent to marry the Duke of Bavaria for reasons of state, comes to an unforeseen conclusion based on her study of up-time history. It was heavy into religious issues of the time and place, along with political issues. It took me months to get around to reading the first half of the book and I remember almost none of it, except to say how much I hated reading it.


This book is a lot about the collision of catholicism and protestantism, illustrated by the conflicts surrounding Bavaria, though happening all bvarian way between Amsterdam and Vienna, with a sprinkle of Basel. crosis

One person found this helpful. It does finally get going and get exciting.

The books generally have a very entertaining plot but are incredibly bogged down by unnecessary detail and stiff dialogue. Many are called Presbyterian or Reformed.

The Bavarian Crisis by Eric Flint & Virginia DeMarce – Baen Books

It took me days to finish the second half, and I remember almost all of it. More By and About This Author.

16634 iron mines of the upper Palatinate were rendered inoperable by wartime damage, and American know-how is needed on the spot to pump them out and get the metal flowing again – a mission that will prove more complicated than anyone expects. Equally unfortunately, another relation of Ronnie’s late husband has scooped up all of her inheritance, and not scrupled to arrange for other heirs to be “disposed of” along the way The most annoying thing about it and it developed into a pet peeve by the end was the dialog tags.

Bavarrian Chronicles of Dr. The Best Books of The Baltic War are integrated into the action and political events behind the scenes, and this book ties a host of little oddities into a coherent canvas capturing a snapshot of the state of Europe in early summer of With limited action, virtually no suspense, the lack of the definable climax, and an overload of information, this book will likely find very few fans, even among aficionados of the x series.


Dread set in any time Maria Anna was involved. Virginia DeMarceafter jobs as peculiar as counting raisins for the Calif. But they aren’t too far away. Reading these alternative histories is like a full steak dinner. The Galileo Affair as well as There were parts of the story I enjoyed – primarily the ones that progressed the over-arching series.

In the maelstrom that is Europe, even a 20th century copy of the Tje Britannica can precipitate a crisis, when readers learn of the Portuguese revolt, a crisis that will involve Naples as well. A Parcel of Rogues Ring of Fire.

Oct 01, Dorian rated it liked it Shelves: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. The shear number of new characters added and side story lines really detracted from the book.