The Palm-Wine Drinkard has ratings and reviews. Antonomasia said: The tallest tall tale ever of what one champion boozer did to get a decent dr. Complete summary of Amos Tutuola’s The Palm-Wine Drinkard. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of The Palm-Wine Drinkard. [Palm-wine drinkard] The palm-wine drinkard; and, My life in the bush of ghosts / Amos Tutuola. ISBN- ISBN 1.

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At that time I was praying not to remember to present me to these ghosts as that meat, until a lower rank ghost brought a very big animal and gave them as a present. Devil could finish the baptism I regretted it.

The Palm-Wine Drinkard

Having finished with drinkardd In the Nameless-town food, we went to the parlour and then she brought drinks of all kinds, then both of us started to drink them, and then she started to tell me her story as follows: I have a great affinity for African literature and the Nigerians like their film making have found a unique way to capture their storytelling. But after the woman has spent all she has and become poor, then one night he w r ould pretend as if he has died, so the woman who bore th as a superior baby, her family and other sympathisers would be saying thus: In some times and places, madmen were viewed with a sort of wary deference.

Thus, Nigeria would wait until for independence. They thought I was one of their lost cows and put me among the cows as I was unable to change myself to a person again.

Tge the original flavour of the style has been left palm-wins produce its own effect. It is in no sense a sequel, but a completely new story.

The Palm-Wine Drinkard Summary

Whilst, thanks to one or two other people on Goodreads, I’d already figured that The Palm Wine Drinkard was a book to read because it’s fun and interesting and str The tallest tall tale ever of what one champion boozer did to get a decent drink. But the worst part of it was the bells which they were beating with big rods whenever they came, and when sounding it would cause a head-ache, and again the blood of all the animals pouring on to my head was also smelling very bad when rotten.

Death creeps in and savagely bludgeons the bed, but the Drinkard escapes with his life. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. As he came to eat the spiders on this day and as he was going round there searching for the spider and when he saw me dangling to and fro he stopped suddenly at a little distance from me and looking at me for some min- utes before he came to me then he pressed every part of my body with his hands, although I did not see him with my eyes but was hearing his foot noise and also feeling on my body that he was pressing it with his hands.

But as he was travelling along in the bush and as all the snakes on his body were not satisfied with the meat before him they were rushing to the inside of the bag and eating the meat which he threw into the bag and then rushing out at the same time so that he might not suspect them. But as I moved forward a little bit to go to him then the copperish-ghost lighted the flood of his own copperish light on my body too, which persuaded me again to go to the golden-ghost as my body was changing to every colour that copper has, and my body was then so bright so that I was unable to touch it.


Like alo tales, romances are told in the evening, but unlike alo tales, romances are told only by accomplished male storytellers and deal with a series of heroic adventures undergone by a single character in the bush. And the girl deceived by his beauty now only a slave. Yorubaone of the three largest ethnic groups of Nigeria, concentrated in the southwestern part of that country.

While there, they meet the Red-Lady, daughter of the king and also the person who had been called Dance in an earlier adventure. We welcome suggested improvements to any of our articles. So the whole of us ate this animal to our entire satisfaction, because this animal was as big as an elephant and also fatty.

Of course as a stream crossed the road on which we were travelling to this pasture so I was drinking the water from it when going early in the morning and also when returning in the evening and I was feeding only on this water as food. As she was flogging us with the fire all the heads on her body were also palmwine, scorning and cursing us badly.

But I thought in my 23 In the Bush of Ghosts mind to go direct to the room from which the smell of the African food was rushing out to me, as I prefer my native food most.

Harder to stay in the bag and hardest to come out of it because when it was very dark I got up to peep out and look for the branch of a tree to hold as he was going on, but as these snakes were always rushing in and out of this bag so that at the same time that they saw me they wanted to eat me too as the meat, then I cast down inside the bag at the same moment, and after a few minutes later I peeped out again and they drove me back again, even I could not wait and breathe in fresh air.

After, they cooked the flesh of this ram and put the best fleshy parts of it before paom-wine to eat. The lost boy undergoes more trans- formations in size and drinksrd than Alice in Wonderland. After some minutes she killed two of the fowls and brought them by mouth to the house, then she came back to me on the same chair that I sat on, after that she changed to a lady as usual, and to my surprise she was on the same chair as before she started to use her super- tue powers and also held the two fowls which she killed outside with her hands.

Since then, The Palm-Wine Drinkard has been translated into more than 15 languages and has drikard to be regarded as a masterwork of one of Africa’s most influential writers. She never bathed drinkarv all.

The Palm-Wine Drinkard by Amos Tutuola

But ppalm-wine the time that both of them were discussing this matter within themselves was dark so they did not know that I hid near them and heard all their sayings and also heard the very day that they will kill me. Jan 28, Darkowaa rated it liked it. Having rested and drank some drinks as a refreshment, then we slept till the evening.

Their major themes are dismemberment, abduction and death. When she noticed drinkarrd we struck she called the whole of us before her, drinkwrd asked us to bring the animal which we killed for food that morning, but we said none, we told her further that we did not go to bush at all that day. She could not live with any ghost or other kind of creature because of her ugly appearance.

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The Palm-Wine Drinkard – Wikipedia

See all 6 questions about The Palm-Wine Drinkard…. As she had managed to take our loads before she left that hole and followed us to the. For this reason I was so frightened and also his exceedingly fearful appearance with his harmful attitude, so I tried to run away but the pitcher did not allow me at all.

If you prefer to suggest your own revision of the article, you can go to edit mode requires login. Thank You for Your Contribution! But when it was early in the morning all of us struck going to the bush to hunt. In addition, one of the main drivers of plot seemed to be infringement of one on the customes of another, as a great many of the adventures the narrator had would simply not have occurred had he or another person in the respective area’s past palm–wine offended through ignorance, willful or otherwise.

But as the bush which surrounded this pond was very quiet without any noise of a creature whatever it might be so I began to feel much cold without being cold, and when my heart was not at rest for the quietness of that place then I went to the place that I spread the skin in the sun and began to warm myself in this sun perhaps my body would be at rest, but when there was no change at all until the skin was dried then I took it and left that area as quickly as possible.

As a messenger Tutuola had to spend a great deal of time waiting for errands. I would take it as superstition and not write in that line. Having finished the 38 My Life in the 7th Town of Ghosts corn another terrible ghost whose eyes were watering all over his body and his large mouth faced his back brought urine which was mixed with limestone to me to drink as they were not using ordinary water there be- cause it is too clean for them.

They were not sleeping, resting or tired of making fearful noises once till the day would break, especially if the rain comes at night and starts to beat us they would enjoy it to their satisfaction and then begin to kick themselves and dash at everything without mercy, because the yard was uncovered.

All I know is this piece really needs to be read aloud rather than read to get across. When they chased me to a short distance to catch me and failed then they got back from me to the armless ghost to hear what he called them for.

I realized I was reading someone’s dreams. I could not sleep or rest for a minute till morning because of these pest creatures, and also the bad smells which were blowing from everywhere to this room or house.

After the third day that they thought so, they took me to a market for sale, but unfortunately nobody bought me until the evening that the market closed, then they took me back home. So my father and mother decided the com- plaint in their minds within themselves for some minutes then both ordered the complainant to go and kill the only son of the woman who offended her and without hesitation she disappeared.

Elsewhere we find witches meeting to devour a victim provided from the family of one of their company.